Where is Margaret Thatcher Day celebrated? The Weekend quiz

The questions
1 Where is Margaret Thatcher Day celebrated every 10 January?
2 Which rivers meet at the German Corner?
3 Which food blog was founded by Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone?
4 What is the thickest tendon in the body?
5 What term for an obsessed fan comes from an Eminem song?
6 Which decisions are made at Stockley Park?
7 In palaeontology, what is a coprolite?
8 Prohibition agent Richard Hart was, ironically, whose brother?
What links:
9 Yves Saint Laurent; Jacques Derrida; Daniel Auteuil; Albert Camus?
10 Orange 12; pink 15; red 18?
11 Legislative Council and the House of Keys?
12 Potter; Tilsley; Platt; Hillman; McIntyre; Rodwell?
13 Pochard; scaup; scoter; smew; teal; wigeon?
14 Rubens’ Judgement Of Paris; Cranach’s Adam And Eve; Magritte’s Son Of Man?
15 Juba; Skopje; Dili; Pyongyang?

The answers
1 Falkland Islands.
2 Rhine and Mosel.
3 Pinch of Nom.
4 Achilles tendon.
5 Stan.
6 Premier League football VAR (video assistant referee) decisions.
7 Fossilised faeces.
8 Al Capone.
9 French notables born in Algeria.
10 Film rating symbols: colour and age recommendation.
11 Upper and lower houses of Tynwald (Isle of Man parliament).
12 Surnames of Gail (Helen Worth) in Coronation Street.
13 UK ducks.
14 Paintings featuring apples.
15 Capitals of countries with compass points: South Sudan; North Macedonia; East Timor; North Korea.