Google appears to be working on a ‘Switch to Android’ iOS app

Anyone who decides they’ve had enough of Android and wants to switch to iOS can do so easily through the “Move to iOS app,” available on the Play Store, but things aren’t as straightforward when jumping from Apple to Android devices. However, it looks as if Google is working on an app that streamlines the process.

9to5Google’s APK Insight feature delved into the latest update for Android’s official “Data Restore Tool” and found something interesting: mention of a Google-developed “Switch to Android” app for iOS.

The current method of moving from iOS to Android involves backing up information—contacts, photos, calendar, etc.—to Google Drive. The data can then be downloaded through the respective Android apps. It’s a slightly arduous process and doesn’t allow the direct transfer of apps in cases where the Android equivalents are available.

The Switch to Android app appears to work by starting a local Wi-Fi network on Android (like a hotspot), rather than using a USB to Lightning cable or something similar. It’s then a matter of connecting to this network with an iPhone. Once the connection is established, the two apps transfer everything.

It seems that Android versions of the transferred iOS apps will be downloaded automatically from the Play Store. The big question is whether paid-for apps will charge users to download the Android equivalents even though they have paid for the iOS versions—yes, probably.

The Move to iOS app has been around for over five years, so the only surprise is that Google has taken so long to bring out its own version.