Meet the Xbox Series S suitcase, to celebrate Microsoft Flight Simulator’s launch

Bring your Xbox Series S in style on your travels. Xbox Australia & New Zealand have partnered up with July, a Melbourne-based luggage company, to create the new Xbox Series S suitcase in celebration of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s launch for Xbox Series consoles.

Taking a quick look at the Xbox Series S suitcase will definitely remind you of the console’s design. From the white casing to the circular black vent at the top center, the Series S suitcase is a perfect representation of its console counterpart. Inside the suitcase there’s enough foam to prevent any accident from happening to what it may carry. On one side, the foam has a cutout for an Xbox Series S console and another for an Xbox controller. On the other side, there’s a cutout for a 17-inch portable monitor.

Some Australian influencers already received one of these Xbox Series S suitcases. Judging by the photos, it packs an Xbox Series S console, an Xbox controller, and an Asus XG17 portable monitor. Moreover, each suitcase comes with a built-in battery pack with 4x different USB ports and the Gamertag of the influencer that received it printed below the handle.

Those living in Australia and New Zealand have a chance to win one of these suitcases by retweeting and replying to the Xbox ANZ post. As per the terms and conditions of the contest, the prize is valued at $3,282 AUD (about $2,410), which might look expensive for a custom suitcase, considering the hardware inside doesn’t cost half of that.

The Xbox Series S suitcase comes after Microsoft announced it would release an Xbox Series X mini fridge. Scheduled to launch this holiday season, it will be a limited edition product. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed yet.